DecisionBar for MetaStock®

We are very pleased to offer a version of DecisionBar that is compatible with the MetaStock® charting platform.

The MetaStock® software for technical analysis brings more than 10 years of experience of building charting software for traders.

 MetaStock® comes with over 150 indicators together with the possibility to build custom indicators for technical analysis. It allows for extensive back testing of your own trading systems with its MetaStock® Enhanced System Tester.

 MetaStock® supports technical analysis for traders of stocks, futures, and forex.

DecisionBar Trading Indicators for MetaStock

DecisionBar takes advantage of the functionality of MetaStock® to offer a complete Indicator Set and Expert Advisor which can be applied with a single click.

DecisionBar Trading Signals for MetaStock

The Expert Advisor Commentary Window warns you of pending signals in real time before they are issued.

DecisionBar Trading Indicators for MetaStock

Our independent Stop Module helps you lock in profits by tightening your stops or giving an exit signal when your profit threshold is reached.  All parameters can be set by the user. DecisionBar is not a Black Box!!

Order DecisionBar for MetaStock today!

If you have questions you can call our office between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 800-228-4256. 

** MetaStock® is a registered trademark of Equis International
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