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I've been asked to clarify some thing about TradingView memberships, so here goes.

1)  A basic membership to TradingView is free.  With a basic membership you get free charting (one chart at a time) with up to three indicators on the chart.

DecisionBar for TradingView is now available as an "Invite Only Script."

You can sign up and and get more info about DecisionBar for TradingView at:

2) You also get free real time data for stocks from the CBOE exchange (see the first chart of QQQ) and free real time data for forex from a number of forex brokers including, FXCM, OANDA.

To be clear, DecisionBar can be used with free charting and free real-time data for stocks and forex for just $49 per month.  (There are HUGE discounts for extended subscriptions.)

Also, the the new version of DecisionBar for TradingView now comes with signal-specific alerts. You can receive alerts as a pop-up, via email or text message, and/or as a notification from the TradingView App for IOS or Android.  Instructions for using the alerts are in the TradingView Quick-Start which you will receive after you subscribe.

3) With a basic membership to TradingView, you also get free, real-time Cryptocurrency data from many exchanges including Coinbase, Bitstamp and many others.

To be clear, DecisionBar can be used with free charting and free real-time data for Cryptocurrencies for just $49 per month.  (There are HUGE discounts for extended subscriptions.)

4) Not everything in TradingView is free.  They have different paid membership levels with more features, like the ability to work with custom intervals, work with more charts at one time , allow more than one user per membership and many other features.  For a complete list of features for each membership level, please click on the following link:

Additionally, not all data is free.  Futures data from the CME is delayed (see the chart above), which is fine for end-of-day trading but, if you want real time data, you will have to pay an exchange fee.

TradingView has delayed and real time day available for most stock exchanges the world over.  Most end-of-day and delayed data is free, but you you will have to pay an exchange fee for real-time data.

The thing to remember is, no matter how many chart you put up or what data you require, DecisionBar for TradingView costs just $49/month.  (There are HUGE discounts for extended subscriptions.)

Again, go to the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "Available markets" for a list of available exchanges and their exchange fees.

The key to successful trading is to identify and react to the forces working on the market.  No trading method helps you do this better than DecisionBar.

DecisionBar Trading Software was designed by traders for traders.  Not all DecisionBar trading signals are winners, but software has no emotions, so DecisionBar does its job of trying to keep you on the right side of the market regardless of how the last signal worked out.

In the long run, winners outnumber losers and winning trades are larger than losing trades.  That is what trading is all about.

DecisionBar adds clarity to your charts regardless of what markets you are trading, but to know what is happening in your market every minute and every hour of every day you need your own version of DecisionBar on your computer.

Please click the link below and sign-up to become a DecisionBar trader right now:

Les and the Staff at DecisionBar Trading Software

P.S. DecisionBar trading is real trading, no gimmicks.  The reason traders around the world love DecisionBar Trading Software is that it gives you a "map of the market" so you know what is likely to happen and why.   It just makes you a better, smarter trader.  Are you ready to take control of your trading future?

Note: If you live in the continental United States, and purchase a DecisionBar Lifetime License, you can take  up to six months to pay by paying through PayPal.  Just choose "PayPal Credit" when you are taken to the PayPal website to check-out.

If you have any questions, or we can help you in any way, please feel free to contact us.

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