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To paraphrase a well known head of state:

"Who knew trading was so complicated?" 

The fact is, that just believing that statement is true demonstrates a complete lack of understand of what trading is all about.
Trading is not complicated.  Trading is just a series of either/or propositions.

Either the market will go up or the market will go down.

Either you will enter a trade or you won't enter a trade.

If you enter a trade you will enter either Long or you will enter Short.

As a trade evolves, on each bar, you will decide to remain in the trade or you will decide to exit the trade.

Once you exit the trade you will show a profit or you will show a loss.

That's it!!  Trading is not complicated, BUT trading successfully is not easy either.  The reason trading is not easy is because market movement is caused by factors beyond our control.  Psychological factors, fundamental factors, economic factors and geopolitical factors all combine to effectively randomize much of market movement.

The results of all these factors show up in the price chart, but those who believe some mathematical system can decode future events are fooling themselves,

If multi-billion dollar brokerages that, can afford huge computer mainframes and rooms full of programmers can go belly-up trying to decode the market, how can you believe for a second that some "system" that runs on you home computer is the "Holy Grail."

The DecisionBar methods of trading works differently.  DecisionBar is a trading tool that "asks" a series of "either/or" questions based on supply and demand, support and resistance, momentum and exhaustion.  It then evaluates the likely movement of the market, based on the price chart, and presents the results of that analysis to the trader in clear, concise visual signals.  It is then up to you, the trader, to evaluate those signal based on what the chart is telling you, as well as what you know of outside events that are moving the market.

We have DecisionBar traders trading successfully all over the world, and most traders who started with us in 2005 are still trading successfully today.  They succeed because they understand that trading is just a series of "either/or" propositions.  They succeed because they understand that while they will both win and lose trades, there is no blame to be placed for losing trades, and the next winning trade is just a tick away.

I know many prospective DecisionBar Traders have spent years looking for just the right "system" to beat the market and you are hoping DecisionBar will get you to where you want to be. 

Hopefully these emails will give you a glimpse into how straight-forward trading can be.  To learn more about DecisionBar Trading Software, please visit out home page at:


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