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In the last ten years there have been some major changes in the way stock traders and brokers take care of their business. The advent of trading software that is designed to make this task easier has been a long and slow process. In the early stages the most that this type of software was little more than a way to get the tickers to show up on your desktop so that you were not glued to a live television feed and a telephone all day long. As with most things trading software has matured very quickly, in less than ten years it has gone from this simple tracking software to creating a complete trading platform that can perform most if not all of the same tasks as a broker. Some of the latest platforms are capable of tracking trends in the market and making very accurate forecasts as to what is likely to happen in the future. These are the main reason that most people hire a broker as this type of knowledge and skills are what we need to ensure that we make money on our investments.

If trading software continues to advance at its current pace, we could start to see the demise of the brokers and trader in favor of a computerized model. One problem that has always existed with the current system is that it human error and preferences always have to factored into any investment. Brokers tend to have their own agendas and ideas as to which part of the market is likely to be the most profitable. As long as they are right, everyone makes money. On the other hand if their personal system does not pan out, the losses can be very high. Human beings are prone to errors, no matter how good a broker is, he is only human and can make costly mistakes that many investors simply cannot afford.

Here is where using trading software tends to stand out, computers are far less likely to make mistakes and using the Internet will always make buy and sell exactly where you set them to. trading software has no bias built in and no preferences beyond any that you might program into it. By using the information it records from the daily markets and creating trending charts, the software will make carefully analyzed recommendations that are based on facts instead of intuition or educated hunches that might or might not pay off. If you want to make your money work hard for you, this type of software can give you the edge you need in the markets to succeed. If you are interested in making the switch to trading software that is designed to help you maximize your position on the stock markets, you need to take a close look at the Decision Bar. This is much more than just a simple trading platform. Using highly advanced trending algorithms, the software creates easy to read and understand graphs that show you when to buy in green and when to see in red. Once you start using this software you will be trading like the pros in as little as a few days.


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